Sunshine Flavored Ice Cream

On two separate occasions, people who know me personally who have been reading my blog has asked me if I was sad. It came as a surprise, their inquiry. I did not notice that I was being melodramatic, was I really? All I knew was that I was severely short-circuit, the epicenter of a stress catastrophe. Now I stop to ask myself if I am sad. I rerun my last few days and found that I never said I was “actually sad”.

So does that mean I am happy? Well, I never said that. For a fact, I remember telling my closest people more than once in the last few months that I was unhappy.

In the past, my only problem was not eating vegetables; but as time goes by, I feel the psychological junk food I consume every waking day is very high, I now have two reasons for being unhealthy. God help me. I think I am too young to die.

Now I realize what is the difference between being a drama queen and a true attack of depression: it is a matter of consciousness.

I analyze and assess myself on an objective basis, splitting myself in two: a patient and the nurse. If I am to look at the subjective verbalization of the people around me telling me that I am “sad”, objective signs that must be present to validate the claim should be one or a few of the following: loss or a sudden increase in appetite, lack of interest in activities that are usually routine or enjoyed, spacing out unconsciously, a drop in interpersonal relations, anxiety attacks, stress bouts and confusion.

Or in my case, all of the above.

19 thoughts on “Sunshine Flavored Ice Cream

  1. I somehow see myself in you when I was younger, especially on the things that I eat. I think I was like that because I thought I’m invincible (at least you’re aware that you’re too young to die, heehee; I always thought I’d live forever. Lol.) until I reached 30.

  2. As I read this, I see a cat that is “sad” and not enjoying the people at work around her? Haha, I may be wrong, but cats do feel and look sad even if they weren’t.

    “False alarm, you’re poopin'”

  3. so depressed ka nga? he! he! i’ve never seen you as sad actually. i see you more as a “deep” person.

    anyway, can a nurse diagnose himself/herself? just wondering…


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