Happiness and Energy

Suffering is optional. Happiness is a choice.

I just returned from a spiritual retreat and to say I feel great is an understatement. I feel transformed, reborn.

I discovered a lot, why I am carrying so much emotional baggage, and why I allowed myself to carry them in the first place. I guess I reached a point where everything just got too heavy I was stuck.

But not anymore.

I realized that holding on to pain is like having one hand in between the jaws of a shark, while on the process, your other hand still continues to pet the shark.

It was a very painful process, the retreat, but feeling all the pain – embracing the pain till I bleed, and knew every single aspect of that pain- has led me into acceptance that cleared my mind and helped me see what mattered most – that there are more important things than pain, or holding on to someone’s guilt.

Clearly, there is no use for negativity in one’s life – for if you are filled with it, you are not allowing any space for beautiful things to come. If we fill our hands with so much baggage, we would not have any more free for new, worthwhile ones to be picked up.

Most importantly, if we are unhappy, we suffer, and the worst part is, the people who love us are also unhappy, and suffering.

It may sound very pious, but really, all we need to do is to let go and let God.

26 thoughts on “Happiness and Energy

  1. looks like you’re getting a handle on things much better after the retreat. Good for you. Letting go and getting off the bind is oftentimes all that we need to get on with life and find happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • it has been tough but i am glad i finally pulled through. there are definitely more important things to focus than all the negativity!

  2. I went on a spiritual retreat last weekend. Of the men I saw there in the mission town of San Juan Bautista, California. Of the men I saw there I saw many who visited there every October since 1968 (two years before I was born)

    I feel changed by having the brotherhood we share in that retreat house, 115 men who see each other maybe only during that weekend each year. Let go and let God indeed.

    Praise God, and thank you for sharing this.

  3. yeah..just let go and let God..sabi nga ‘di ba sa Psalm 23, the Lord is our Shepperd. kaya we can rest assured that He is in control, na kahit gaano na ka-overwhelming at kabigat ang mga burdens natin, He is always there, waiting for us to lay down our baggages at His feet, and ready to offer us timely help & comfort.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Yes, but what is a poet without his pain? without it, we would never have had a van gogh or a hemingway or a James Dean.

    Give credit to these tortured souls, Highness. I mean,Dante pining for the unreachable Beatriz gave us Inferno, Purgatorio and, eventually… Paraiso.

    • i agree. however, poets do not necessarily have to feel the pain to write something good about pain. writers are special that way.

  5. “all we need to do is to let go and let God.”
    at para sa mga atheists, let go and open up urself to new perspectives..

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