The Search For The Missing Cupcake

‘Realization’ is one of my favorite words.

I totally agree with Freud when he postulated that the human subconscious is way larger than we think. I am always surprised when I find out things that has always been at the back of my mind, or when I finally realize emotions I have had since day one.

It is truly interesting how we always tend to know what we are supposed to know, give or take a trigger or a little stimuli for us to be conscious about it. It is as if everything is out there, so ‘obviously hidden’ from our sight till the last two minutes of the ball game.

Maybe that is why I have quite interesting views when it comes to ‘looking’.

Sometimes, we need to open our eyes, to see. But other times, I have found out, we cannot trust what we see that there is always a need to close our eyes and go by how we feel. However, by feeling, in the dark, it can be hard to truly comprehend what we are supposed to see, because literally, we are blind.

But in the end, I guess the point is, there really is no reason to look for something – all we really need is to look.


31 thoughts on “The Search For The Missing Cupcake

  1. to realize is to feel and to understand. 🙂
    at least nasa reality pa rin. rational pa rin.
    just keep looking/waiting.
    who knows baka bigla na lang dumating o kaya magpakita. 🙂

  2. as writers, we really must pay attention in everything around us, because even the most simple things can have so much meaning & will lead us into a deeper “realization.” ^_^

  3. to go left, you sometimes have to turn right; to move forward, you have to step back; and to see something, you sometimes have to close your eyes… hehehe, parang zen buddhism something. but i totally agree with your realization.

    and you know what? i am practicing my democratic rights by not voting. 😀

  4. i once ask myself — there’s something missing?
    but i realized that…live to live. be bold. be human. make mistakes. learn from it. have fun doing it. don’t burden yourself with finding out what completes you. eventually you will be. just be you, not what the society dictates of you to be, but who you want yourself to be. =)

    • there is always something missing. that is human nature. but what is also amazing with being human is that we thrive despite of this ridiculous trait.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and the nice compliments of my kitty! She also has a black heart shaped fur in her spine but she does not want to be photographed.

    • i am obviously a cat lover. your kitty should mean my jin! he does not have a heart shaped tattoo though but my sister’s cat does.

  6. “But in the end, I guess the point is, there really is no reason to look for something – all we really need is to look.”

    It is said that our brain and not our eyes interpret our vision of reality. In the eyes of some people, perception which is not necessarily truth, can be reality 🙂

  7. ‘ sigmund freud rocks.. and you rock even more! naahhh.. was that too much?
    – anyway, it’s interesting how many times you’ve used the word “interesting” in this post.. it puts to the fore how i find this post, you really love realizations and how it takes you for a ride.. =)

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