PM Don’t Sing


Looks like Milan, doesn't it?

I have always thought that enrollment in big universities were supposed to be a breeze. Well, at least that was what I thought up until yesterday. See, I have submitted myself for yet more torture to pursue higher education by taking up graduate studies (somehow saying that does not still feel quite right, LOL!) I was officially enrolled yesterday in the country’s catholic university.

It was almost going well up until step 3 where I am supposed to have my subjects encoded that it all went crazy. Apparently, the oracle system was eating my record, refusing to accept me as a new student, but what was appearing from the registrar was that I am an old student from the conservatory of music!

But instead of transforming into a decepticon, when the clerk asked me about it I just could not help but laugh a hearty one, because of all errors in the world, me in the conservatory of music was just hilarious – I am born tone deaf. Major LOL!

When I told Sir Job and Echo , my wonderful, wonderful friends who were with me yesterday (thank you very much for looking after me!) they also burst out laughing!

For what it was worth, at least for a day I was a music goddess. But still, please don’t ask me to sing.


37 thoughts on “PM Don’t Sing

  1. congrats ! That’s admirable for you to go for graduate studies. I didn’t think Mozart was a great singer – hey you still got a shot at music for all you know hehe 😉

  2. cats sing when they’re in heat. so at the time we here you sing, we’d know that ur ovulating ang ready to take on motherhood 🙂

  3. congrats! graduate studies. i’ve always wanted to pursue that but lack of funds and drive made me give up the whole idea.

    and yeah, that oracle system booboo is hilarious. 😀

    • i am at a point where i really want to sharpen my saw kaya i’m keeping my fingers crossed that i can get out of this alive LOL

  4. i imagine you as being good at everything you do. so it would not surprise me in the least that you could become a music major if you had the desire to do so.
    but maybe, if your voice is as bad as you say it is, maybe you should take up the piano or violin instead.

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