Bedtime Story

There was a cat who loved a ball of yarn so much. The ball of yarn was more than tuna fish cakes for the cat, brought even more pleasure than ear scratches; it was like cat morphine.

The cat wanted the ball of yarn more than anything in the world. The cat would spend all energies on the ball of yarn – played with it, hugged it during sleep; basically, it was like the ball of yarn was an extension of the cat and life was good.

The cat was so consumed by the allure of the ball of yarn. Until one day, the cat tripped, and for the first time, the cat noticed that the ball of yarn was already a different thing. It was not a ball anymore but a whole mess of tangled and loose threads wrapped in and all around like some crazy net… and it hurt the cat.

No. Jin did not suddenly decide to dye his hair black. The photo ‘s from google search.

31 thoughts on “Bedtime Story

  1. This reminds me of my German Shepherd and his torn up basketball (used to be ‘my’ basketball). He carried it around everywhere, alas, until it was so shredded there was nothing left. A sad, but true story.

  2. Well you cannot force them to do anything, they have their own way. They just don’t “think”. LOL.

    Throw a crumpled paper and they will jump on it until they get tired. Throw a ball, they will play around it but will never return it to you. Crazy!

  3. may alaga akong tatlong pusa dito sa amin at minsan natutuwa akong tignan ang kanilang kakulitan..lalo na’t kapag may nakitang maliit na insektong gumagapang.. kapag naguguton, kinakalabit ako sa paa πŸ˜‰


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