Riding A Banana Split Float

Oh yeah, keeping it cool

I really need to get my nails cut.

If there is one known parameter in the world that would tell me I am hell busy, that would be the presence of my overgrown nails – that is the ultimate signal that I am slaving to the point of neglecting my body. I realized the fact only because my BIOS-325 class this morning was discussing about the Integumentary system.

When I was younger, I have always believed those who have said that growing up was so overrated and there was nothing that brought more joy in the world than studying – it is practically the easiest life ever. If I believed in the past, now I completely understand why. LOL.

My teaching load for this semester is unbelievable – four major subjects to begin with. How do I manage to breathe right? I really don’t know, maybe I should always check myself in the mirror – I maybe cyanotic for all I know. LOL.

But the good part is that I am licking my fur, practicing my perfected deep breathing techniques, and sure as hell is trying to be above all this in a calm manner, keeping it cool. It may be some form of miracle, but I am glad the old cabbage is sorting everything out just in time, though I sure hope I could get more rest.

No matter how embarrassing, I admit to feeling so low when I get tired that sometimes I reach a point where I ask myself if all this is worth me dying young. LOL. But after a good glass of agua and a little sit down, here I go again. I guess life is really mystifying this way.

However, you will be glad to know that the peach tree story has shown signs of sinking in. Amidst the chaos, I feel I have been successful in trying to take things one day at a time – that may just be the secret to what little sanity I have left.

Plus, I can always get free banana splits from the Hotel and Restaurant Management department during their laboratory days (Thanks Sir Reggie).

I think I will be fine. Well, after I get my nails cut, that is.

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17 thoughts on “Riding A Banana Split Float

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  2. I always get kinda depressed when I’m tired as well.

    I also recommend eating a bar of chocolate when you are tired. Or, for something even more decadent and awesome, try chocolate covered espresso beans. ZZZzzzzoooom!!!!

  3. “I reach a point where I ask myself if all this is worth me dying young.” -OMG, I can’t believe you said that! But that’s realistic actually. I probably could have said that before. LOL. Napatingin tuloy ako sa nails ko ngayon. Napapabayaan ko na rin. Been very busy, too. Additional signs that I’m too engrossed with work or other things: unplucked eyebrows and not being able to finish reading a book in a month. Which are obvious for several months now.

  4. i love your stories PM.
    drining milkshakes is one way to retain one’s sanity. you never read in the news of suicides, murders, or wars being fought over milk shakes.
    and one thing at a time, one foot in front of the other. which is a way of organizing yourself.
    enjoy our manicure. you might as well have a pedicure too. pamper yourself. nobody dies young while having their feet rubbed.

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