Hell Boy, Hell Cat

It feels like I have this huge skeleton helmet on my head, wrinkling my whiskers from time to time.

I have known myself for so long that I completely understand why things happen to me over and over again – and it has nothing to do with my repetitive behavior secondary to Asperger’s.

I am hard headed. I am practically one of the most stubborn people in the world. Wait, I am not stubborn – I am right.

Having this in mind, life practically knocks itself out in trying to give me a good whack. You know, it is really simple: when things happen to us every other day, it is all because what we are supposed to learn from it, we still miss. It is all really pretty much like a classroom lesson.

Here is a list of stuff I know I should know but doesn’t:

1. Patience is a virtue. [That I am trying to learn since Day 1. I don’t think it will work anytime soon… but I am trying, okay?]

2. There is a right time to be and not be aggressive. [Try learning that if you are catty.]

3. Giving up and moving on can sometimes be a good option. [I have always thought that you have to fight for what you want; but sometimes a good claw scratching can also get old and tiring.]

4. There is really no need to fix everything. [I am tired of being a control freak. I want peace of mind. I think I need to be brave, and to trust that things have a way of finding their own places… sometimes.]

5. Hurt is not an end in itself but a sign. [My friend once told me that when we hurt, it is because we know the right thing to do but refuse to do it.]


27 thoughts on “Hell Boy, Hell Cat

  1. I can relate to your post.
    My Mom thinks I’m stubborn and hot-headed. I disagree. She feels that way because most of the time, I don’t agree with her ways. It takes a lot to teach yourself to be patient, but eventually you’ll get there.

  2. number 2 took me a while to learn too. choose your battles. it never matters if you are right, because two people can be right at the same time and still have differing opinions and comceptions. so obly fight for what is really important to you, and leave everything else to the next person.

  3. It is always good to be aggressive. I’m part bear, so it is in my hunter nature, hehe…

    We have so much in common! I’m never wrong either 🙂

    • there can be drawbacks sometimes you know, like falling off a cliff, like that LOL glad to know we are on the same page big bear!

  4. Your sense of humor will carry you far and wide, PM, and that’s a big start. Also, if my experience counts, it helps to keep getting older. You eventually “get” most of it. 😀

    • my friends will be surprised to know that i have a sense of humor LOL i like getting older because of the same thing. you are so right.

  5. Before I comment on the post, let me say that I was laughingly amazed on the image on the side bar. Very cute po ng mga images na gumagalaw.

    Patience is a virtue. All things that happening to us should be treated as an opportunity. This way, we’ll solve almost all hurdles in our life while keeping our heads cool. 🙂

    • glad you enjoyed them. cats are funny in a catty way LOL i agree that everything is an opportunity – the thing is everything can also make us look stupid that way LOL but i learned to enjoy looking stupid, if that makes any sense LOL

  6. lol that’s funny, i used to have a site called badpuppydog.com and talked in my dog’s voice, it was fun while it lasted lol now i’m trying to sell the domain, let me know if you know anybody who wants it 🙂 p.s. if you have a photoblog, i don’t see it at first glance here… and thanks for stopping by and the nice comment 🙂

    • i have never tried talking in my cat’s voice though i think that could be fun. i do not have a photoblog. i have a litter box.

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