A Beautiful Mess

I am currently in love with Jason Mraz’s song titled ‘A beutiful mess’. I so love the lyrics. I am a lyrics person. No matter how catchy the melody is, if it talks about non-sense, it is never going to work for me. I have the same principle when it comes to people too.


My sisters and I went to church this early evening. I liked the homily. It talks about knowing what matters most. I think it is an important virtue that most people take for granted in this generation, that is why amidst all the comforts, many still end up being unhappy. I guess no matter how much material things you have, it can never really give that elusive satisfaction, because for one, salaries cannot hug you, same goes with other related stuff.

Similarly, it always makes me hurt a lot, when I realize I am taking for granted the people who love me, like when I get preoccupied with work or with the various stresses that occupy my hair. I really try to make a conscious effort to make those important to me feel that they really are important. But it can be hard to focus on what matters most when there are a bazillion unimportant things that practically fly to your face every five minutes. I guess that is a part of what makes love special, all the effort it requires.


Work and graduate school has been cruel lately. The Year of the Ox forecast for me proved to be so true, not that I take it seriously though, but I think I have worked my cute ass off this year to the point my other muscles and bones are starting to fall apart one after the other. I am so looking forward to the Christmas break, if this goes on any longer, I am sure it is I who will definitely break apart. I guess the only good thing is that I am not yet sad, I am still trying to be positive amidst all this. LOL. Wish me luck.


I would also like to include in this post my entry to kg‘s blog contest.

My three favorite places:

1. Balanga City, Bataan. I know the city has been rising to popularity lately because of the recent 5th Philippine Bird Festival, but to me, Balanga holds most of the wonderful experiences life has thrown at me. Even when I do not really live here, I can say that this is were I grew up.

2. Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. This is actually the first place I’ve been to by air. The best thing about Palawan to me is the underground river. My jaw was practically open the whole time I was inside. It is also the first time I really felt that ‘traveler’ bug.

3. Tugegarao City. I am not sure how I will explain this one. I like it because I had the most horrible experience going there, on a crowded bus, uncomfortable and dying for 13 hours straight. It is the reason why this place is stucked on my mind. The horror! LOL. But it makes for good conversation. But I am not coming back there by land, ever.

Three places I dream of going to:

1. London. Kulot and I badly want to catch the next Olympics here. I sure hope that will be a reality.

2. Greece. I have always been fascinated by Greece. I actually like a lot about the country: I like the literature, I like the architecture; it just seems like a wonderful place that is full of culture. One day!

3. Bohol. One reason: tarsier.

46 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess

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  4. If you’re a lyrics person then you’re a romantic πŸ™‚

    Time is the problem for most of us I guess. Wish we could devote time to bond with our loved ones.

    Good luck on your dream trip. Been to London and Greece but none of those Pinas places you mentioned. It’s embarrasing that the farthest I’ve been to Luzon is Baguio to the north and Tagaytay / Calamba to the south. I can brag about Iloilo, Bacolod and Dumaguete but nothing more than that. I’m sure I’ll make up for it sooner or later πŸ™‚

    • i do not think i am romantic. but then, maybe… i’m not sure. lately all i think about myself is insane. LOL.

      the farthest i’ve been to the north is tugegarao, obviously, and to the south is… i don’t know which one is farther, cebu or palawan?

      at any rate we are even. i’ve not been to the foreign lands you’ve been.

  5. I’m a lyrics person, too. I am sometimes attracted by the beat, pero pag nonsense yung lyrics bigla natu-turn off ako. A group of colleagues went to Greece for 5-days last week. Sobrang bitin daw sila. I’m encouraged to visit it when I saw the movie Life in the Ruins.

  6. Wishing you the best of luck!!!

    I don’t know, I like to gather up a pile of money (which I have sanitized before hand) and swim in it and jump in it. I carry a bag of money everywhere, it makes me feel so confident, so awesome, so all-powerful.

    Money is awesome. Love is overrated. Give me money and a bunch of officious obsequious yes men and I’ll be happy.

    Of course not, but it would be fun for a little while.

    • thanks seb. that bag of money everywhere is kind of scary to do around here LOL but i think that would be fun for awhile also LOL

    • medyo mahirap kasi para kaming sardines sa sikip dun eh pero ang importante di na mauulit yun LOL natawa naman ako sa london bridge

  7. You are so right, PM…about everything. I have just left one relationship for another because I couldn’t stand the increasing emphasis on material possessions. I want my life to be one of LOVE…and simplicity…to concentrate on the things that are important! Thank you.

    • it feels good to know that the relationship we have are of quality right? it gives me peace of mind. i hope you feel the same ginnie.

  8. sosyal ha, london! i hope you do get to go there! i also want to go to greece! that was tops on my list before, di ko lang alam kung ano nangyari! he! he!

    thanks for joining PM!

  9. i love jason mraz too. i have that song on my ipod. it’s beautiful.
    and if you like that, you would probably like the eels too. they have a free song download from their upcoming cd on their website.
    when i think of an ox -since its the year of the ox- i think of a creature that has patience and strength. hang in there, PM. everyone loves you.

    • i think i’m going on summer. but i am not sure when is the best time to go there. i still have to find out. we should go there sheng LOL

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