PM’s Holiday Cheer

Lately I find myself going insane.

I know. It goes well with the holiday season.It feels like a cross between Christmas and getting your head blown during New Year.

It started with hearing a Beautiful Mess then unconsciously changing the lines “Your comebacks they’re quick and probably had to with your insecurity” with “Your comebacks they’re quick and probably had to do with your insanity.” I thought it fits perfectly.

What’s surprising was that I tried to control the insanity. I really, really, really tried. In fact, yesterday I thought I was already making sense and will not have to spend Christmas on a mental asylum but this morning came another home run that got me all thinking again.

God. I never thought a time would come when I would really want to avoid thinking because I realized there are just times when  it can really be bad for me.

I just want to throw up. It amazes me how a bazillion things can go wrong at the same time. It’s like a fireworks factory suddenly lit up or something. Sigh. If this was some other time that site might’ve actually been beautiful.

But definitely not now. Somebody hand me a plastic bag.


25 thoughts on “PM’s Holiday Cheer

  1. Throw up if it will make things better, then get up and carry on. Isa kang pusa alam mo gagawin mo. Oo nga para may relevance hahaha, yung mga aso kasi they eat them dang puke. Tis a season to be merry, God i miss watching tom and jerry. Hahaha. Muah!

  2. i think a nice warm hug is in order. it sounds like you need it, PM.
    i felt so good this year. the christmas tree is up and decorated. i have finished all of my christmas shopping. even all the gifts are wrapped.
    i can take a deep breath, i thought.
    then the bank called and told me somebody has stolen my credit card number. things were charged. they will have to cancel my card and issue a new one.
    three days before christmas, and i don’t have a credit card.
    thank heavens, i have already done my shopping.
    wishing you a wonderful christmas, PM. and i hope everything changes for the better for you in the new year.

    • that’s awful. but i’m glad you are already done with your stuff. i too am hoping for the same things. this year has been such a struggle. i can’t say it is beautiful, that’s the sad part. LOL

  3. Wishing you the best, hang in there! what counts is believing in an alligator god. It makes everything better. Have faith in alligator god. He is awesome.

  4. hi PM! i miss your regular blogging!

    if you find yourself getting tired of thinking deeply of things, then stop! sometimes, we just have to let things flow instead of wracking our brains out! 🙂

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