Realigning My Truths

There will always be two versions of all things in this world: one is reality, what really happens; the other is the expectation, what we hope to be reality.

There is really nothing wrong with it, after all, no one was born without the ability for wishful thinking. The problem only starts when reality does not align with our expectations. Frankly, I believe most pains in the world has this for an origin.

If we are totally going to be objective, truth is, things just happen as they do, and people just do what they do, both for reasons who-knows-what. But if we do not really take it personally, the suicide rate would suffer a big drop rate and disappointments might be cut to an all-time low.

But that is not how it works right? Every second, expectations fill our heads – of what we want to happen, of what we want people to do to us, of what we want to do. And if that does not work out, we end up with a sad face, especially when your ability for wishful thinking is slightly above average – imagine if you are gifted, you are like a walking TNT.

And it always happens, because that is life. But the good news is everyone also has the DNA for moving on. Plus the thought, that the cosmos designer’s plan for our lives is always greater than our disappointments, and that the Absolute’s plan is always greater than our dreams.

Now that sounds better.

17 thoughts on “Realigning My Truths

  1. i have an expectation that i be treated fairly and that nobody purposefully hurts me.
    it’s the purposeful hurting that hurts the worst.

    if there is no grand design, then all of our expecations are false, because there is no purpose behind anything. nothing happens for a reason; everything we *think* we know revolves around probability and rare random chance.
    but *if* the universe has a grand design, i am sure everything you said about good outweighing the bad is true.

  2. I also think that life becomes much better if we let go of ego as much as we can, because ego plays a big role on how we handle frustration IMO. 😯

  3. very well said prinsesamusang esp those last paragraphs summs it all. I too had this thought between two things, choosing ones reality and going with the flow. There are thousands of techniques where u can train ur mind and achieve what you really want to do and there is this philosphy of going with what comes in life and accepting the greater plan, I guess the key is to make a balance. First meditate, pray and work for what u want to happen and then if plan doesnot work out still be acceptable to think everything happens only for your best! Amen

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