For the longest time, PM has wondered why tension of opposites predominate the world.

It has always bothered me why it always have to be the case, why things almost always have to be hard because a choice to be made – hard ones – is certainly involved, like if you want to have this, you have to loose that; if this is where you want to go, you can’t go here. The last thing that can really make it difficult is not really the indecisiveness – it is the decisiveness.

But now I think I’ve realized the answer. The tension of opposites exists to maintain a balance in our lives. We cannot really have it all because if that was the case we would not be able to appreciate anything, and if we try to take it all, at the end of the day, we would end up with nothing.

It is actually a self-preservation mechanism of life. No matter how ridiculous it seems, it actually keeps us sane.

36 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Like what mr.nonsense said, there will always be yin and yang. The two sides of the equation will always be equal. The good will not exist without the bad. Anudaw? Hehe.

  2. sometimes different does not mean opposite. i like to think of it as complementary…as all parts of a beautiful puzzle. a yin and a yang completes a perfect circle. hehe, ganyan kami ni misis, lahat “opposite”…the only thing we have in common is the common goal—-to be good to each other, our kids, and humanity 🙂

  3. correct PM, balance is the key. after all, how can you appreciate happiness if you haven’t experienced sadness? or what is light without darkness? what use is relief without pain? these are all part of life…

  4. that is very perspicacious of you prinsesa.
    the simple act of walking means you are leaving something behind.
    knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to begin.
    you spend time with (a) at the expense of (b).
    all those little decisions make you unique, because they define your life. really, there are only so many major decisions that need to be made. everything else consists of small decisions, which when taken together, form the essence of the person that is You.
    (and that is why you should never make ‘small” moral compromises)

  5. yup,yup,yup, ganyan talaga yan musang…..
    keya ang lekat na kursong hindi ko alam baket ko kinuha eh laging binabalanse ang mga numero…. basta kelangan balanse….!

  6. there will always be one option that we will choose between a hundreds of choices.. and this will create our fate.

    our destiny.

    and for that matter, life will not be as complicated as solving for the equation of something that is unknown.

    • destiny? i’m not sure if i believe in the idea of destiny in a pre-conceptualized form instead i’d like to think we author our own.

  7. I super agree with you, that’s also the same reason why sometimes it can be a little scary to be very happy. At the back of your head, you’re pretty sure that something not-so-good will follow. Balance. Yeah. Can’t have it all.
    I like this post.
    Happy Sunday! ☮.♥.☆

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