No Puppy Love

Here’s what PM thinks:

1. Love is equivalent to a particular need or a crisis at any given time.

2. Love is supposed to make people happy – given small difficulties, that is acceptable – but if it hurts a lot always, either something is wrong with the one you love or something is awfully wrong with you.

3. Love is a sacrifice.

4. Nobody has the right to complain about people not loving them, because in reality, some people do love us but we do not love them back.

5. The true test of love is a close call between holding and letting go.

6. The opposite of love is not hate but use.

Here’s an anti-emetic, an aspirin, and my fingers crossed that we survive the love weekend happily.

29 thoughts on “No Puppy Love

  1. ‘ an aspirin or an anti-emetic wud do me no good.. perhaps prozac or zoloft? ahahahaha..
    – i personally don’t with your number four.. there are just so many times when the other party did not love a person at all.. i hope we’re coming from the same perspective though.. =)

  2. is this a pre-valentine post? 🙂

    i think if there’s one thing we cannot live without, it would be love! yes, you could go crazy being in love, but you could also go crazy without it.

  3. i think if it is not shared, it is not really love.
    you can love your mother, or you can love the beach,
    or you can love a movie star, or a work of art. but if the love isn’t reciprocal– if there is nothing to love you back- then it isn’t real love.
    love is always shared. that is what makes it so strong. and that is also love’s single flaw.

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