It is easy to see. What is difficult to do is to discern if what you are seeing is real or unreal, dead or undead, or both.

PM was hit with another wave of tsunami yesterday – and no, it has nothing to do with cupcake hearts or the color red.

I guess there comes a time in life when things would just start to make sense. That is only logical, after all, once you’ve done a considerable amount of idiocy, the only thing left to do is stumble upon something sane, because you’ve been stupid for the longest time, stupidity went out of stock.

I found out all the reason for all of my life’s monstrosity yesterday, and it is not pretty, I tell you.

It was the strangest thing, but I realized that I was coming at life on a most defensive angle, that all I did for most of my days was build walls. I had so many plans and contraptions designed to control life, and my narrowed perspective of how it all should go was just unbelievable.

I learned a great deal about openness. That when you are open to life, you become larger than life. That there is no reason to oppose life because it can never be opposed – it always wins, and when it does, our delusions cause our demise.

I learned that there is so much more in the world than our petty understanding can ever tolerate – no matter how brilliant we deem ourselves be. That there is no greater joy than allowing yourself to be filled with grace and love, that in time, once the void inside ourselves gets filled, we will be able to share wholeheartedly with whomever we choose.

I learned that everything that happens in life does not really need an explanation, only acceptance – and that is openness. Openness to a chance. Openness to an uncertainty. Openness to risks.

It may be hell scary, but it certainly outweighs the fear we generate when we go about living inside our caves. It is scary to open doors – to let life in, to let people in. However, we may not really realize it, but when we try to draw a line between life and others, we are not really keeping them out… we are trapping ourselves in.

23 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. You scared me there a bit. I thought you found something new about your sexuality :mrgreen:

    That’s a very positive attitude – being open and flexible to things. No harm in stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while. It makes life exciting 😉

  2. i’m a controller too. and it’s funny, because if you asked me, i’d honestly tell you i like living free and experiencing life in its fullest.
    but to tell the truth, i like living life on my own terms.
    you are right though- acceptance is one of the hardest lessons we learn in this life. and acceptance sets you free.
    i worry. but there is no use worrying over things you have no control over.

  3. tama si rafter. you are amazingly smart. you kind of remind me of someone. hehe. and i like the last line. we really do need to chill. accept what comes along in life and live with it.

    have a great week PM!

  4. “What is difficult to do is to discern if what you are seeing is real or unreal, dead or undead, or both.”–touche!

    your thoughts are soooo deep PM! buti na lang kahit papano nage-gets ko! 🙂

  5. Thats some awesome writing, and it does answer some of the questions I have in mind about life today, 🙂 Please keep writing ! u dont know whoes day u are making better.

    • thanks sri, you have always been generous about my writing. i will try to keep on writing. it makes me happy. and i am glad it does make some people happy too.

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