PM’s A Happy Two Timer

I really considered killing myself this week but knowing that this litter box’s second year anniversary is coming up made me consider again. LOL.

Happy anniversary to us! Thank you for all your generosity, especially for the insights and reflections that you continually share. They make me grow, and ultimately, I hope we grow together through our virtual ink bonds.

Since today is our special day, the winners for the blog anniversary contest giveaway have also been drawn amidst the presence of a DTI representative, a lawyer, a registered veterinarian, and a professional pet groomer.

I only included those who picked a line, since that is stated as a rule.

Congratulations to the first five: kg, tina, ched, raft3r, and witsandnuts!

Click to enlarge

And since Ched is my sister, I opted to draw again for the third spot and the result is:

Click to enlarge

Here are your prizes guys:

For kg

For tina

For ceemee

For raft3r's niece

For raft3r's other niece

For witsandnuts

The polymer clay trinkets available were for females so raft3r can very well give his prizes to his lovely nieces. I will contact the winners via email to get your mailing details so you can have your prize. All the accessories were hand made and one in the world made by Cheryl Abrigo of R Angel Creations. You can visit her page on facebook, just look it up if you are interested in her great craft.

Thank you to everyone who joined, and to everyone who wished me well on my blog birthday! Cheers!

33 thoughts on “PM’s A Happy Two Timer

  1. happy blog anniversary prinsesa! i have enjoyed every one of your wonderful posts, sharing your ups and downs, your hopes and dreams and questions and losses and triumphs. you have a wonderful heart, and a truely unique view of the world. there is no one else like you. hugs and best wishes for many more blog-iversaries!
    grats to the award winners too.

  2. raft3r would like to thank:

    the DTI representative, the lawyer, the registered veterinarian, and the professional pet groomer who all helped musang in picking the names of the winners


  3. yehey
    raft3r is one happy boy
    at ipinakita ko na ito sa mga pamangkin ko
    pareho sila natuwa
    yun isa ang tanong: “tiot, can i eat mine?”

    thanks, musang
    the best talaga ang blog mo
    people really win in

  4. Uy I almost won pala for the 2nd draw for 3rd placer. hehe

    C0ngrats to all the winners and thanks for this blog contest, PM. Be happy! Life is short so enjoy it to the max! 🙂

  5. whopeeeee!

    oh my gosh! PM is this true!!! you just gave me something to brag about! i finally came first on the randomizer!!!! oh my, you just made my day!! thanks! thanks! mwah!

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