Best Cat Food In The World

PM is looking for a chemist or a general inventor who can come up with a pill or any similar device that will provide the following inside one pop-any-time capsule:

1. Rest and sleep.

2. Vacation.

3. Big bag of Lays.

4. Me time.

5. Brain liposuction.

6. Stress eliminator ala laxative type.

7. Christmas in a cup.

If you know anybody, kindly refer. The only other requirement is that he is not a demigod and does not have eight arms. Tails may be subject to scrutiny and claws are optional.

35 thoughts on “Best Cat Food In The World

  1. Hi Prinsesa Musang, sa pangalan pa lang it’s obvious that you love cats so much. So do I. I do love other pets, too like hamsters, dogs, birds, duck, etc. In fact I always feature animals in my blogs.

    Here’s wishing you success in everything you do.

  2. Yung brain liposuction matutulungan kita pm, kontak mo lang ako pag may gagawa na nung pill, neh? Yung christmas in a cup maliit yun pero masaya pag may instant christmas naka-sachet na nabibili sa tindahan!

  3. naalala ko tuloy yung bubble gum sa Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With just one gum, you have full-course meal na! great!

    • i think i’m going to watch that movie tonight. i remember liking it the first time. the weirdness of wonka i can compare to mine LOL

    • maybe i’d have cheesecake. sigh. all the stress and cheesecakes then i’d really have to find a laxative to eliminate all the fat LOL

  4. Aaah! This is going to be one of the best things ever on earth and whoever will be able to do this will have my respect forever.
    #5 really got me laughing!

    • acceptance will depend on the kind of tail or claw. if it is unusually tidy that would be a no. if claws are too long too.

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