Who Is Richie Rich?

Do you know Dollar, the dog? How about Rumplestilkskin? Are you familiar of the smurfs?

I came home early evening yesterday and found Mother Goose, my Man, and Kulot eating the wonderful, wonderful spaghetti cooked by Ched, when all of a sudden, the conversation focused on Fairy tales, or the lack thereof, that Kulot is aware of.

She has no idea whatever happened to Little Red Riding Hood and the only thing she knows about Snow White was that she had seven dwarfs. We also tried to quiz her on some cartoon characters that we once knew growing up: some she knew, many she did not have a clue.

After much thought and consultation with Ched, Kulot finally stated that even when she has no idea what the color of the smurfs is, she was proud to say that at least she knows the members of the Teletubbies family and could even name their colors! They even sang the theme song.

Then it occurred to me: of course we have a seven-year gap so that would be natural. So I thought, if that is the case then it can be safe to say that the cartoon generation of a person can also determine his age!

Like me, I am now 22 and my favorite cartoon then was Richie Rich, that filthy rich kid who owned half the world, with the cute dog, Dollar, and has the most jaw-dropping gadgets and props in the planet. I sure enjoyed that cartoon. I also liked The Adam’s Family, that morbid cartoon of a family who loves everything nasty and ghostly and ghastly, that was so cool. The Jetsons was also one of my most loved. It was about a family living on the future, with all the convenience and high-tech gizmos even now are still to be yet achieved. But I did not know Voltes V and the other ones that came during that time, I was before that.

How about you? What cartoons defined your generation?

26 thoughts on “Who Is Richie Rich?

  1. I have poor memory when it comes to cartoons of my generation. When I went to Disneyworld, they’re not there anymore hehe 🙂

    I can only remember my daughter’s favorites. She started with Calliou, Teletubbies, Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, Bratz Kids and recently Hanna Montana, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Lady Gaga 🙂

  2. my favorite fairy tale is snow white.
    at the end, the wicked queen went uninvited to snow white’s wedding.
    some iron shoes were heated in a fire, and the wicked queen was forced to wear them. she “danced” in them until she finally died.
    now that’s a wedding to remember!

  3. i love the simpsons, beavis and butthead, shows that you see on television.
    yes, i even have some beavis and butthead comics.
    i like ritchie rich too, but i haven’t seen a ritchie rich in probably twenty years.

  4. I liked watching those cartoons especially the Smurfs.
    Dun ko nakuha yung ” Finders keepers Loser weepers.”

  5. I used to watch Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Voltes V, Voltron, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Thundercats and a bit of Richie Rich and Visionaries, too.

    • i also like flintstones! i like wilma a lot. i was not able to watch care bears though, pero i’ve heard about it.

  6. funny thing, i was not really into cartoon when i was young! but i remember rainbow bears, voltes V (although it’s not a cartoon), flying house, super book, shaider (not a cartoon also), ect, etc!

  7. kasalanan ko ba yon eh ndi ako kinekwentuhan ng tungkol sa fairytale dati haha kaya nanunuod nalang ako ng teletubbies, tska bear in the big blue house..hahahaha malay ko ba kay cinderella…


    • i was still very young then! but i was able to watch the casper movie. i think it was the first i ever saw.

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