Loosing My Letters

For the longest time, I have lost my letters without knowing when they would come back. I tried, once or twice to see, but it was futile. The tsunami of horror last month seriously kept me from them, that or maybe I just did not want to spell out what was going on – looking back my history books, that can be a habit.

I cannot really say that I everything is going great, but at least I know that I am now accepting everything with renewed faith. It took a long while, but all along I guess it was worth it.

I have been doing a lot of things, maybe I can share them on my next posts – I’m sure they will be beautiful ones because amidst my great sorrow, I have tried to find the beauty in life, beauty that still exists even when I am devastated. One of the important things I have learned was that the world will definitely not stop, no matter what we feel.

It helps to have a good idea inside your noggin that even when things are monstrous, surely a day will come and it will cease, that way there is something to look forward to, even when the things you really look forward to since forever has already been taken away.

But I dare say, that this great sorrow, apart from ripping me into pieces, has also made my resolve stronger in faith. Instead of praying each second that I find its solution, which I would normally do in the past, now I thank the Absolute for giving me this flu of the soul that I may build my faith better than before, thank Him for giving me the chance to grow with him and the opportunity to show Him that I do trust Him – that can be a lot, I am a control freak, but not knowing this time is fine, as long as I have Him, what can go wrong really?

It feels wonderful to be able to stand again, to know that my paws and whiskers are not in shambles, and more important, it feels great to know that amidst everything… all is well.

24 thoughts on “Loosing My Letters

  1. hey sis.. i think we are in the same boat. im think im faring well na. there’s this paolo c. article called: “Convention of those Wounded in Love”. I hope you get to read that one day. πŸ˜› I like the last sentence in Article 5. πŸ™‚

    I admire your strength….. I feel you sis. *hugs*

    All is well.

  2. It seems to me that you’ve been going through something tough, but in the process, it has made you stronger. Whatever it is that life throws at you, always believe and keep the faith. This too shall pass, you’re a tough cookie πŸ™‚

    • i think the world is training me for something: baka balak niya ko magtrabaho sa iraq one day LOL thanks russ. i think that is exactly what this is about: teaching me to have faith.

  3. i’m not sure if it’s the same with you, but i go through this process of change and i feel so many emotions at one time that i don’t know which one to entertain. i’m glad to hear that all is well, and you’re right, no matter what happens, the world doesn’t stop. keep moving forward!

    • usually at first it is like that with me but when i am overwhelmed with the emotions i just go blank though there is certainly something heavy i feel in my chest. maybe it is like that of a wanderer: you know you should go somewhere but have no idea where.

  4. This is a beautiful post, Prinsesa Musang. I’m interested to know what you’ve been up to, share, if you feel like it.

    I like this line:

    “The world will definitely not stop, no matter what we feel.”

    I really like this post. Hope you continue to get better, I feel some kind of sadness in this post.

    • thank you, i believe a day will come that everything will be spilled. that line is true i guess for most people. sometimes we feel so out of ourselves, thinking if we are devastated how come others are fine? but the initial arrogance we can get over too.

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