Somebody Clean My Litterbox

PM has been an undomesticated git for the longest time.

I could thank Don Domeng very much for this, but recent change of events in the cat pen has forced things to go haywire. Our nanny dear has forgotten where our house is located and has not gone back since forever, which translates to a million domestic duties unattended.

Since then, PM would wake up thinking about chores to do. It was a good feeling really, especially when I learned how to cook breakfast for myself! I am terribly proud of myself.

That is one down on my non-negotiables list about dating. It includes only three: must know how to cook, is able to swim well, and must be able to drive. They are included because I cannot do them. But since I have forced myself to fry a couple of chicken nuggets, egg plants, and meat loaf, I think we are good with the cooking part – I can eat breakfast alternately with take outs.

It was horrible though, if you really put your back into it, doing all the house chores can seriously give body pains. Kulot and I would sweep and mop the floors, wash the windows and dishes, water plants, and cook breakfast. We would usually start at 9 and end up somewhere around 11, all beat up that we would usually have afternoon naps that we do not take in the past.

I think I appreciate Mother Goose more, as for our nanny dear, you will pay big if ever you find our house in the middle of the woods again.My right arm is sore like hell!

I have not done laundry though, I’m not sure how I would survive that. But then again, there is always the laundry shop, or I can wear leaves – I just have to choose huge ones.


22 thoughts on “Somebody Clean My Litterbox

  1. yay!! start with prito prito…then go ahead and cook adobo! [akala mo marunong ako magluto ano? he he]

    now, seriously, it’s nice to elarn new things PM. perhaps it’s time you learn how to cook! 🙂

    • i can cook sinigang and tinola but i haven’t memorized the steps so someone has to be with me to dictate what i have to do next LOL

  2. i say, lets wear leaves! haha. nice one. i wanna learn how to cook to PM. i can float, though(thats not exactly swimming, right?) and i dont know how to drive. yet. i wanna learn i wanna learn. 🙂

    • i think we will be able to learn these things when the circumstances call for it, but i don’t suggest we jump on a 7 ft pool and try. LOL oh, i can float too! but that won’t save us from a great white though.

  3. Well there is a first time for everything and eventually you do need to learn some basic household chores hehe

    LOL @ the wearing of leaves. Very environmentally conscious of you! 😉

  4. Well good for you. You should be mighty proud of yourself for doing household chores. There is a first time for everything hehe

    LOL at the wearing of leaves. How environmentally conscious of you to do that 😉

  5. Household chores are really tiring, our helper went on vacation and I had to do some washing of undies, yung iba pina-laundry na, my back hurt and my fingers got soooooooooper dry from washing and washing of dishes. Just think of it as exercise… hehe

    • i do think of it as exercise to burn all the overeating i do everyday LOL i kind of thought about the same thing. i could stay in the sink forever with all the dishes, especially when it is my sister ched who is cooking. ugh.

    • maybe i will do that when the time for updating the list comes. it’s an annual thing. LOL i want to get married… to someone who can do my list LOL

  6. True…true…true! Mahirap talaga ang house work especially dyan sa Pinas. 2 chores i hated when i was there were cooking and doing the wash ( I used to have blisters on my fingers); salamat sa Diyos may washing machine dito and I can do as many loads as needed with no problem kaya cooking na lang ang hate ko…that’s when I miss your Mother Goose who every 2 hours is giving me something to munch on. Buti na lang visit lang ako otherwise sobra na ang laki ko… hehehe

  7. Damn, I think we’re on the same league. I can’t cook let alone open the gas, can’t swim, and can’t drive cos we have no car. Tough life. Of course I wanna learn all that.

    Good luck with your household chores, girl!

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