Pick One v1.3

It’s the time of the week again when we try to figure out what works and what doesn’t, who is true and who is delusional. I always love these days. Enjoy.

[a.] What is easy.                                                [c.] What makes you happy.

[b.] What you need.                                            [d.] What sets you free.


31 thoughts on “Pick One v1.3

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  2. what makes me happy
    yun naman talag ang importante sa buhay, eh
    why do something na di ka sasaya
    life is too short for regrets

  3. what sets me free because if you let go of the hang-ups and excess baggages you will be happy at magiging medyo easy na ang lahat ng pagsubok sa buhay.

    • after you get your heart ripped into pieces most times LOL but it has the potential to always end up well i think LOL

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