The Memory Dry Cleaning Project

The most interesting thing about life is that we are but tiny specks of nothingness compared to it; no matter what happens to us, no matter how we feel, it goes on and on and on.

Things happen, as they always do, and we are left to adapt, or be left behind – whichever of the two we eventually choose. This could work well too, if only the marks they leave do not stay – but they do – and the truths kept in those distant memories reminiscing of what was as opposed to what will be remain a promise and a curse.

It is best to sift through them periodically and keep only the good ones; but in reality, usually it is the bad ones that stick like everlasting glue, leaving a permanent hurt like a stabbed wound that only keeps on burrowing over time… but then again, there is always a choice to stop.

It only comes with acceptance doesn’t it? In full embrace of the truth, in full understanding between the difference of the past, present, and future, and of the little control we have of them. It is a lot like the ocean waves – you see it coming, it hits you, then you look the other way to watch the waves travel that short distance to the shore to peter out, and you are left wondering whatever happened in that split second when you rolled with the wave.

13 thoughts on “The Memory Dry Cleaning Project

  1. i’m very good at forgetting most of my bad memories. i know they are there, and sometimes they let me know they are still there, but mostly i think forgetting sadness is a healthy trick the mind plays on us…

  2. funny but for others it is the painful memories that serve as inspiration. well, it actually depends on how people perceive things to be.

    acceptance is always the key, i believe.

    • that can be the thing too sometimes, but i think that is also the foundation for revenge LOL yes, yes, acceptance is always the key.

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