Moving on from a break – up requires a lot of effort. Admit it or not, wallowing and being the abused party can sometimes have its advantages that we choose to milk it rather than picking up the pieces and restoring your sanity.

But the funny thing about the post break-up depression is that it is a life stand still: while the world continues its merry way, you remain static with the mobility range of a caterpillar in a cast.

Getting over the one you thought was The One may be a 360 degree turn around, but there are actually simple ways to start the march up north:

1. Stop listening to sappy love songs.

2. Drop the phone.

3. Indulge in comfort food instead of dying in a pseudo-fast.

4. Quit analyzing what went wrong.

5. Don’t be delusional and chase what’s over.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more beautiful than moving on from one failed relationship to the next… successful one, I mean.


28 thoughts on “Onwards

  1. My initial reaction was like Dyanie’s. Then I thought “no, that’s impossible!”

    I absolutely agree with killing the too much analyses on what happened. Comfort food na lang, chocolates. Heehee.

  2. laffs at ‘one failed relationship to the next.’ it feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it. but its better than being in a ‘successful’ relationship where you’re not happy (oh yes, i have seen such a thing).
    don’t forget to eat chocolate. it stimulates the pleasure cortex of the brain.

  3. may mga bagay nga na pwede ng burahin. pero may mga daan din tayong nadaanan na gusto nating balikan…

    bakit ba kc gusto nating maalala ang bagay na gusto nating makalimutan???

    huhuhuhuhu ouchie much!

  4. ako, sappy love songs to the max! tapos, iyak magdamag. yosi. alcohol. pero mag-isa lang para maka-emote ng todo. tapos, kinabukasan, tapos ang kabanata. hahaha.

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