Step Out Of The Vehicle Please

I have never underestimated road blocks – failures, in general.

Of course I feel down, get depressed for a while, but I would always tell myself that a year from the wall life has thrown at me, I would be thankful that it happened, because definitely, my biggest rewards lie just after that wall – it has to be, or that wall would not exist in the first place. I remember adopting this mantra in high school, and it has worked for me ย ever since.

Sure, you have to step out of your vehicle for a moment, stare at the big road block ahead of you. But it’s easy isn’t it? If there is a wall on your face, all you have to do is climb over it, or go around it – and you’re through.


24 thoughts on “Step Out Of The Vehicle Please

  1. true! just climb over the wall. and if the road you’re trudging on is rough, remember that it would lead to a beautiful scenery ๐Ÿ™‚

    • it’s all a matter of perspective, i think. if you have the right set you will be motivated to do it. i am definitely okay! thanks! i hope you are coping well with your job!

  2. idol talaga kita sa pagsusulat. galing!

    i also am not one who shy away from obstacles. i tackle them head on, bahala na kung masugatan. iniisip ko na lang, no guts no glory.

    • naks, napablush naman ako pareng scud. ang mahalaga naman lahat ng sugat gumagaling eh diba? isa pa, pwede namang umaray kung sakali!

    • i guess we just have to take control of our heads. and it will be okay, if not immediately, at least eventually.

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