Where Amazing Happens

It is funny how I have started my new work as a writer last week and I still feel I am on vacation.

Each day, I would rock my brain hard and work my hardest, but at the end of the day, my head will be hurting a little but all I feel is joy.

I am lucky to have the chance to fulfill my lifelong dream – not exactly ‘to be a writer’ but more likely, ‘to roll out of bed in the morning, grab my laptop and start work’.

My mentor told me a couple of months back, that you should be doing that one thing that makes your heart sing, because that is your purpose, your unique gift to the world. At present, I would say that my heart is on top of the MTV charts. I feel all the struggle I have dealt with in the past were all worth it, if only for me to realize my one desire.

I may not be writing my heart out, but I am living the dream.

23 thoughts on “Where Amazing Happens

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  3. i’m so happy for you, prinsesa. it takes great courage to pursue your dream.
    myself, i am afraid to fail and that holds me from doing something like that- writing and being creative. i think sometimes maybe when i am old and retired, i’ll paint and write, because when ome is old and on a pension, it is ok to fail.
    of course, the other side of fear is one succeeds and everything one wishes for comes true.
    it’s worth the risk. right? i want you to succeed so i know its possible.
    hugs and best wishes. and they say it’s not the destination, it’s the jopurney that makes you happy. and look, prinsesa- you are already happier!

    • i was really surprised at how many offers i got, and keeps on getting! maybe you can start now, instead of waiting for a long time, even on part time so you can test the waters. i am very happy with what i am doing, thank you!

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