What’s On Your Mind?

Here’s mine:

  • I love the status messenger on FB, but sometimes, I feel like I want to post multiple things on my mind but it allows for only one at a time. Hmm… one at a time. Multi-tasking is so cool.
  • Since starting my new job, my blogging activity has declined dramatically. Sometimes my heart breaks when I see my stats. But I still need more space to adjust; my life revolves now on so many letters, they practically spin in front of my eyes and break dance.
  • Character formation can sometimes suck big time. In the NBA rerun, Boston won the championship. I still don’t like Kobe.
  • Mother Goose has a stomachache. It feels very weird to see her sick. Mothers don’t get sick, do they?
  • Patience is INDEED a virtue.
  • I now know why I love boxing – it makes me feel strong. All my life, my sisters tell me I am a wimp. Well, I am still a wimp, with a good one-two punch (I think).
  • I lost my wallet last night. Kulot asked me how much was in there. I said “Enough. Enough to make you happy.” I  should have both three more World Cup Edition Havs – that would sure feel better, or like a dozen Krispy Kreme boxes of original glazed doughnuts.
  • I am writing about gay dating, that is the recent project on my job. Any ideas? Help!
  • I will treat Don Domeng to a fabulous dinner tonight (using my card, ugh). Happy Father’s Day! I love you very, very much! And to all the father’s in my life, have a good one too!

12 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Wow, you’re oozing with thoughts! My mind’s usually a blank canvas hahaha!
    I don’t have FB – I can’t even update my blog as much as I want so I guess I’m not good at multi-tasking.

    • my fb is relatively new, a few months old lang! i guess the real world really has that effect huh? yung mga gusto natin ang nasasantabi!

  2. hehe
    ang dami nga ng nasa isip mo

    instead of status update sa fb na pang singe entry lang
    mag-twitter kana lang

    happy father’s day sa dad mo
    at saka sana ok na mommy mo
    (and yes, moms do get sick too)
    gaya ng nanay na latest blog post ko

    • hindi nanay yun no. haha. i was wondering of twitter before, but… not yet siguro. happy father’s day din sa daddy mo, pati sayo (kung anak ba ang turing mo kay junjun)

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