The Anatomy of World Cup 2010

I don’t know about you, but I am desperately hungry for the World Cup fever. It bums me like hell that our cable provider does not have a single channel that covers it – all 42 channels and nothing!

In the local evening news, it is like the biggest sports spectacle in the world is not happening right at this moment – not even a trace! Good thing the web provides me the necessary fix, this way I could always cheer for Argentina.

It gives me an odd feeling, that this country is disconnected from the entire world! I wonder why RP does not invest in football? To be honest, I think Filipinos can do good in this sport, so why not give it a try?

For the meantime, while RP’s actions, or lack thereof, towards the World Cup continue to haunt me, I’d be bidding my time rooting for Lionel Messi. I even got the Havaianas World Cup edition of his jersey! Too bad the country is isolated from the fever pitch excitement of the games, especially now that defending champion Italy has been ousted. Most I know are behind Spain or Brazil, one even said if Spain loses he would jump off a bridge, LOL!


22 thoughts on “The Anatomy of World Cup 2010

  1. I was out last night with friends to get a few beers. The place we wanted to go to turned out to be too crowded. FIFA was on the TV. Pff. Was it Germany vs Netherlands?

  2. i haven’t watched any of the world cup. i remembered at 9am this morning that germany was playing argentina. i found the world cup station, but the match was already over. i don’t watch much sports anyway, and football isn’t super-popular in the united states, but it’s growing.

  3. I was rooting for Portugal, pero wala na! Cristiano Ronaldo is a hottie there and I would love to be with him, even in my dreams. LOL. But then again, I still have Argentina!

  4. back, when i was young.. hahahaha. ang hirap mag english..tagalog n lng..nung bata ako gusto ko talga mging soccer player eh.. pero dahil wla nmng organization saka uporta sa sport n yan.. hnd natuloy.. ayunnnn… ^_^

    penge picture mo secret ko lng..haha. joke

  5. yeah, my officemate was saying days ago that we might excel in this sport. kaya lang parang wala talaga tayong ka amor amor sa footbnall! 🙂

    • i don’t blame them, i like messi too LOL i think it is nice to see addicts around, para feeling ko naman kasali pala tayo sa mundo.

  6. Football is not popular in the Philippines. Noynoy wins the Presedential race. We suck as a country.


    • convenga con todo que usted dijo. déjenos que la esperanza justa noynoy designa una silla de los deportes que vea la misma lógica.

      okay ba? nagpapractice lang ako, para pag post ko sa page ni messi sa facebook sa july 3, LOL

      • hindi ba may difference ang spanish ng argentina? ang alam ko marami nang borrowed words sa itallian yung sa kanila.

        • ah ganun? pambihira hahanapin ko na naman yun LOL mon, Y! sports ranks brazil as 1, followed by spain, then argentina. sabagay too early to call. exciting!

  7. Finally another soul who gives a hoot about the World Cup. I guess I am lucky my cable provider has Balls channel so I get to watch all of the games even at the unholy hours of 2AM ehehehe

    I was a bit sad that Italy and France were eliminated but I didn’t jump off a bridge. I’m not that crazy.

    Btw I am also rooting for Maradona and his boys to make it all the way to the finals. woohoo go Argentina! 😀

    • yay daphne! let us root for argentina on july 3 against germany, i think that is 4PM south african time, i don’t have a clue what time it translates in our time zone though! buti ka pa may balls channel! ack!

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