Music and Lyrics

There is something about music blasting in your ears that wipes out all the world, like it exists in some irrelevant parallel universe, keeping you in an isolation bubble of some sort.

It makes you feel… and not feel.

It carries you to a place where you want to go… and keeps you exactly where you are.

Music has a way of giving birth to your emotions, lyrics speak to you, or of you. It helps to make you feel better, or worse. It is instrumental in making you take that first step, for better or worse.

Still, I can’t sing – end of story.


12 thoughts on “Music and Lyrics

  1. Lily Allen has the dsincerest and most honest lyrics ever. not to mention her songs really sound well. I wonder kung bakit hanggang ngayon di mo pa sya gusto. HMF

    PS Tinulugan ko world cup Spain-netherlands match. Nairita ako sa kadayaan ng mga dutch players.

    • ewan ko ba, baka hindi ko pa nadidiscover yung kanta niya para sakin

      desperate na kasi mga yun, ikaw ba naman hulaan na matatalo ni paul the octopus? eh kung sabihin nga nun na mamamatay ka na diba kakabahan ka din?

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