Three Deaths and a Funeral

This week has been marred with life’s closing.

My high school friend’s mother was shot dead by an unknown gunman at the public primary school where she taught early in the morning last Monday.

This was followed by the death of my sister’s classmate at 19. He was accidentally killed on a car accident, because his friend who was driving was drunk on their way home from a night of partying.

The last was the father of my fellow at a church organization due to a heart attack.

Life really has a funny way of reminding you how to live. Death gives you the resolve to do so.

All the same, death ends a life… not a relationship.


23 thoughts on “Three Deaths and a Funeral

  1. this summer I read a lot of drownings – lakes, rivers and even swimming pools.. death is inescapable and as they say, the problem is not adding years to our life but life to our years 😉

  2. i’m so sorry prinsesa. shootings and car accidents are such horrible things, but all three deaths sounds like a shock. people’s lives can change so quickly or end without warning. but knowing that doesn not make it any easier to accept.
    i can offer a big hug and my sincere sympathy to you and the families involved.

    • thanks seraphine. all this actually led to us discussing which is a better way to die: to slowly suffer or have it like a blast.

  3. Micah RN, sorry about those losses esp. about your sister’s 19 y. o. classmate who died, a victim of a driver who was driving under the influence of Alcohol.

    “I remember the car you were last seen… See More
    and the games we would play…
    and every night I miss you I can just look up
    and know the stars are holding you,
    holding you tonight”

    yes, that song is about those killed by ALCOHOLIC DRIVERS.

    • thanks TK. it is something people just have to go through i guess. but it is helpful to know that things do happen for a reason so life goes on.

    • you never really know. that’s why i make a conscious effort to let people know i love them each day.

  4. last month it was pretty like that to me. and this month… the hubbee of our trainer in manila died. 😦

    but at the same time.. ive been hearing about ladies i know getting pregnant. and so goes.. the cycle.

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