Twitter, the Mocking Bird

Yesterday, Don Domeng made fun of the way I pronounce Twitter.

We were talking about Karen Davila’s show on ANC, Headstart, which is really savvy on social networking sites. I was explaining a point and said Twitter with a slang accent. He would not give me the end of it.

This week was hell busy and if this was Twitter, my tweets would be the following:

  • Anybody knows where I can buy spare fingers?
  • It ain’t bragging if you can do it.
  • I am happily out of my mind. I will send a notice when my sanity returns.
  • My boss told me how to say good morning in two languages: selamat pagi and zao an. Don’t ask me what language – google it.
  • Thank God it’s the weekend!

But all this are of course hypothetical.

See, in my ears, Twitter sounds like a bird. I am for cats so we won’t get along.


25 thoughts on “Twitter, the Mocking Bird

  1. selamat pagi is indonesian. hihi. ung isa … mhmmm not sure. haha.

    this one is a nice tweet: # I am happily out of my mind. I will send a notice when my sanity returns.

    haha. 😉 referring to your Q in my blog: yes.. im feeling my “love” is slowly materializing as a whole person. LOL. 😛

    • is it the same in indonesia? it is malay, and chinese 🙂 i think it is a nice tweet too… but i meow, not tweet LOL

  2. twitter is the noise birds make when they gather in a tree just before sunset. it is a relief sound for not being eaten by PM’s cat.
    it’s cute to think when they stop tweeting, that they are safe in their little nests, tucked under their blankets, their little heads resting on feather pillows.

  3. interesting show. ngayong ko lang nalaman dito. i once registered in twitter but ended up enjoying plurk. but i might try to check my account with twitter again.

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