What Do You Say When Someone Tells You ‘I Love You’?

I finally had the time to browse facebook. I’m busy as an ant so it was a struggle lately… and speaking of ants, I also think my butt is getting bigger because of all the sit down work I submit myself to lately.

So I went to see someone’s wall and I found that he and his girlfriend were getting all cheesy saying ‘I love you’ to each other on a post. I realized what would I say if someone tells me ‘I love you”.

I laughed. That was an easy question after all.

I’d say, “That’s great, I love me too!”

And don’t even comment what I know you have in mind denoy. I know what you are about to say so don’t even bother. LOL.

49 thoughts on “What Do You Say When Someone Tells You ‘I Love You’?

  1. face to face ba yan? depende kung sino nagsasabi ng i love you. hahaha. 😛

    eh kung online… baka “……” lang response ko. haha. or “uh… ok.” hahaha.

    sometimes it loses its meaning when it is said over fb. 😛 kung sa fb.. siguro mas maganda simpleng hirit. haha. but.. well.. to each his own. :p buti na lng.. nag aaylabyu sila..kesa nag aaway. hihi. 🙂

  2. wahahahaha…

    natawa naman ako dun, kahit hindi ito ang unang beses na maririnig ko siyang sasabihin ng kapwa ko XD

    tablado ang sasabihan mo ng ganon… X))

  3. not sour graping here but it’s corny if you’re doing it on FB where the world watches ugh 😯 Better to say it in private. I like to hear it from someone who I love too 😆

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