Single (adj.) – means one, considered individual, without a partner.

I went by gillboard’s place and realized something… I don’t know, funny? Interesting?

I’ve been in a relationship for a long (loooonnnnngggggg) time that I am absolutely clueless what it feels like to be single.

Care to remind me?


27 thoughts on “Single

  1. the funny part is that you posted this on my birthday! I am now single after so long! My last relationship lasted for almost two years, and the one before it for 18 months.. so you can say that my whole “adult life” I had spent taken!

    And now I am finally getting to know myself as an individual.. I am one weird person. And being single is weird when you are forced to depend on yourself

    • wow, belated happy birthday. i say there is always an advantage to whatever relationship status we have and we should make the most of it always πŸ™‚ have fun sara

  2. Parang namiss ko nga!

    Matagal akong single (well, may mga partner before pero hindi seryoso) at ngayon nagpapaka-TH maging mabuting BF sa maswerteng nilalang sa mundo ngayon!

    Ayoko lng ung pakiramdam na parang guilty ka kpag hindi mo sya natawagan o nabigyan ng offline msges sa YM.. Kc hinahanapan ka! (Palibhasa, nasanay na wlang pakialam)..

    Dati strike eniwer ka! Ngaun may mga planong lakad ka na dpat iconsider mo sya.. Kc magtatampo kpag hindi isinama..

    MASARAP maging Single lalu’t may mga game makipaglaro syo kahit sandaling panahon lng… hehe!

  3. the difference between being single and married is like heaven and hell πŸ™‚

    the difference between being single with a GF and without a GF is like heaven and purgatory πŸ˜†

  4. the movie you’ve been waiting for months is now showing in the big screens but you feel so sad because you’ll be watching this alone.

    you want to try this new resto a few blocks from your place but you keep on postponing because you’d rather go there if you and a special someone would try and appreciate the food together.

    on a rainy, cold sunday morning, you’d wish it’s monday already because you are getting tired of watching and listening to raindrops from your place without someone to hug but your — errrrr — pillow. (sue me.)

    among other things. oops.

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