Dancing With Demons

Remember my Pick One posts? Well, this is one of them.

I was actually thinking of something later this afternoon that is… erm, not very nice when I thought about the topic of this post so instead of discussing what and why and the other details of that thing on my mind, I thought I should just ask you what you think.

You do not need to know exactly what it is because your answer to this multiple choice question will do it all for you.

So… pick one:

a. Pleasure

b. Foresight


29 thoughts on “Dancing With Demons

  1. i would pick pleasure. i would pick dancing and moonlight and summer days, the ocean, a kiss, chocolate, the tatse of rain.
    foresight would just give me another thing to worry about.
    most of the time, you can fix mistakes. but if you miss a pleasure, it is gone forever. you have to make a new one, and all the time you spent without pleasure is lost.
    pleasure would be my choice.

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