‘I’ Is Such A Lovely Letter


  • skip breakfast.
  • am task oriented.
  • am brutally straight and honest.
  • stand 5’1 with size 9 feet.
  • have deep blue contact lenses with 50-50 eyesight.
  • have celebrity material hair.
  • can be conceited.
  • think not caring is underrated.
  • think being an adult is overrated.
  • have yet to discover the value of money.
  • like to do things cold turkey.

Initially I wanted to title this post ‘Meet Narcissus’ but Narcissus is not the point of this post, is he?

I think it is nice to get to know more about the people behind the letters that we usually see in blogs. I wonder sometimes, if the web is a better world than the real one.

In here, it does not matter how you look like, what your age is, or even if you wear matching clothes, or not. In here, what only matters is what you’ve got to say.

I think, personally, it is easier to like people you meet online because you get rid of the many biases your eyes have, but never admit to.

If you are now wondering why all the ‘I’s in your keyboard disappeared suddenly, you know where to look.

22 thoughts on “‘I’ Is Such A Lovely Letter

  1. it sure is easy to meet people online. specially people with blogs. 😛 and parang mas updated ung nasa blogworld sa mga feelings natin kesa sa real life. 🙂

  2. i agree PM. i love those “things you did not know about me” or “10 things you should know about me” posts because i get to know more about my friend bloggers. hope to see more of these!

    • i do have a few blog friends that i really like. and i think most blog friends know more about me than some of the real people around me!

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