What Would You Do When God Knocks At Your Door?

When I was younger, I heard of a story about what people would do when God suddenly appears at their house. There were questions thrown, like do you put out the bible and place it on your living room? Do you find a crucifix somewhere and a light a candle?

This morning, I woke up early because I will attend the 7Am mass. While brushing my teeth, actually I was just about to put toothpaste on my toothbrush after splashing my face with water, Mother Goose called me excitedly and told me Nuguid was here.

I ran out of the sink and hurriedly came out with my fresh from the bed hair, greeting Nuguid like a mad rabbit on ecstasy. It is always the best to see him. Nuguid is a very, very good friend.

Erm, technically, he is not just Nuguid, not until last October 2, when he became Rev. Fr. Nuguid. ย Yes, he is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, educated from San Carlos Seminary.ย Turns out he is the one who will celebrate mass this morning because our Parish Priest got conjunctivitis so he filled in.

He is my neurotic sister’s best friend, and became one of my best too. Whenever I am going crazy I give him a call so he can remind me that I am being crazy.

I was there when he was ordained a priest of the church, and between my sister, Mother Goose, and I, we practically soiled a bathroom towel in tears. We were so proud of him. We knew how hard it was and he reminded me that all good things come to a good end. He may not be a good person, but he is a good priest, LOL.

When he came this morning, I felt like God came to check on us, and it was very good that I really intended to go to mass. I would be dead embarrassed if he came and I was asleep with drool on my pillow!

What about you? What would you do if God knocks on your door and does a surprise inspection? Will you pass, or fail?

18 thoughts on “What Would You Do When God Knocks At Your Door?

  1. I have a lot of friends from all walks of life but i don’t have yet a priest friend. i wish i had one, too. I have attended some masses celebrated by Fr. Noel, and i admit that he’s a good priest.

    • it is cool but really, we treat him the same way and have to remind ourselves that he is a priest now and people look up to him, LOL

  2. In my whole life, I have never known anyone close to me who decided to ‘offer their lives to the Lord’. Maybe it’s too early but it’s exciting to know who’s gonna be that person a couple of years from now.

    I really don’t believe in God but I am pretty certain, if I’m going to think religiously, he might have done a couple of times before. Especially in some stranger’s shoes. I know I ignore it a lot lot but when I can, I don’t.

    • nuguid is the first that i know, then i know three more. haha. you don’t believe in god? what do you believe in? halfcrazy sali ka sa exchange gift namin.

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