The Devil’s Eyes

I was out for some time because of conjunctivitis, you know, sore eyes. It was a terrible, terrible experience.

My eyes were useless. I could not work. I could not read. I could not watch TV. I could not go online. It was as painful as hell.

It was like waking up and all of a sudden life as you know it changed overnight. My eyes were swollen out of my wits and the sun became my biggest enemy.

I hated it.

Plus red is not my color. Hmp.

20 thoughts on “The Devil’s Eyes

    • it is hard. i still get a lot on my eyes when i wake up but i can take it now, thanks! eds maybe you want to join my blog event, you can see it below, all i want for christmas post.

  1. i can’t remember if i had the same kind of grief when i had sore eyes years ago.

    back in the province the old wives’ tales would tell you that the cure would be milk from a mother’s breast – so we all had to lie down and have one of the breastfeeding moms in the neighborhood put milk in our eyes 😀

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