The Mongoose And The Lion

Looking at that title you can just tell that something is wrong. If you let it roll in your mouth, you will feel that the sequence is odd. Isn’t it that the stronger always gets mentioned first?

Kulot and I were watching Caught In The Act 2, the Nat Geo series. The clip of a Mongoose about to be eaten by a Lion greets us, and this really is no surprise since the world has a way of getting the weak always in the stomach of the strong, it is just how it goes.

But something happened in the clip.

The tiny Mongoose actually fought the Lion, growl for growl, using everything there is that will buy him time till he gets to the burrows – and he actually wins, the prize, his life.

All this, because the Mongoose did not give up, and fought.

16 thoughts on “The Mongoose And The Lion

  1. .. same applies in our life – the lion are people of no good who try to ruin other lives, they do exist in our world.

    .. got your blog thru kg’s, musang.

    • i’m not sure if i want to associate lions with evil exactly because i like them, but… haha! welcome to my litter box rob. btw, i have a blog event called all i want for christmas maybe you’d like to join too. it will be fun.

  2. Prinsesa I cannot find your email addy – but put me on the list of xchange gifts.

    Will it matter that I’m based in California?

    Well, if that’s okay my xmas wish:

    hopia/chocnut/pili nut/cornick puro tsibog.

    Let me know.

    • hi ewok! i have sent another e-mail to you. please send me your mailing details and your all i want for christmas post url so i can give you a partner! this is all so exciting!

  3. sometimes trying out what seems impossible may work.. can i share a quote:

    ..If you examine a butterfly according to the law of aerodynamics, it shouldn’t be able to fly.
    But the butterfly doesnt know, so it flies! ♥

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