All I Want For Christmas

The holidays is about giving, sharing, and friendship. This is for you my All I Want For Christmas partner. May you also get what you wish for! Let us have a blast!

And also, the only courier who delivers to my place is Air21 but if you may want to send through another, I can pick it up at the Balanga branch, that is the one nearest to me so just say so and I’d be going fast with a silly grin on my face. Snail mail is an option too, that will reach my door, in time for Valentine’s day, LOL!

Good luck to both of us 🙂

Something small: My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares

Something big: Kick-ass back pack

Something cute: a new cat, a new Siamese cat, a Siamese cat, a neutered Siamese cat

Something softBlack Frollic shoes medium

Something techie: Web cam

Something fancy: Plane tickets to Bohol!

Something white (my favorite color): Striped Polo shirt

Something wearable: Ninja costume, vintage necklace

Something you need: Good pair of sneakers

Something you can use for work: extra fingers, alternate eyes, extra brain, generator, Globe Tattoo Wi-Fi Broadband USB kit? I’m an online writer.

Something sweet: Hershey’s Nuggets with almonds

All I Want For ChristmasKvoll Designer flats size 8

26 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. Ay paano sumali dito? huhuhuhu…sayang naman late na ako.Pwde pang humabol?
    Pwde pang gumawa ng wishlist? huhuhuhu…
    Please Santa grant my Wish….^_^
    I read about this from Nortehanon blog.^_^

  2. uhmmm…parang ang hirap naman i grant ng wish na yan. ang mamahal naman. pwede bang pusang kalye nalang. hehehe. joke lang!

    mukhang excited na ang lahat sa online exchange gift na yan ah. goodluck sa partner mo.

  3. Hi PM! everyone’s so excited with the gift-giving online. I wish I could join, though I’m just afraid I wouldn’t be able to give it time this coming December, with so many things going on right now. Anyway, this is a great idea! Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy reading the posts of those who joined! =)

  4. Hmn, tamang-tama sana, I have a spare Ninja costume nyahaha!

    PM, I checked my inbox and my spam folder but sorry I didn’t get any email from you. Anyway, sige, I’ll send email you my details.

    • i have noted your url. please send me your mailing details so i can give you a partner already! i have sent the email to the ad you have left in your comment. thanks!

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