Anesthesia Flavored Gulaman

I feel with my brain.

I do not mind it much really. Or maybe perhaps only once, when I think it has caused me something that could have been great. Nevertheless, that is something I do not pour on much because my brain tells me there is nothing I can do about it, so better leave it.

I do not call this anesthesia intoxication or uptight madness, like I know others would, but to me this is Stoic calm, if there is such a thing.

But if you ask me to pick one between thinking and feeling, I would choose feeling. It sounds easier, plus you never hear anyone say I think happy – they always say, I feel happy.

Then again, I know that I will only choose feeling because I know I am a thinker and technically not really a feeler. Not that I am cold or anything – just that I try to think over what I allow myself to feel – that is the exact point.

And it frees me of many things, though it is far from denial.

It is choosing your battles, I think.

20 thoughts on “Anesthesia Flavored Gulaman

  1. naalala ko ang “feel and think” debate ko with a friend. sabi ko iba ang “i think i’m falling in love with you” sa “i feel i’m falling in love with you”. sabi niya parehos lang daw yun. wehehe.

  2. thoughts i think causes the emotions. (now, there goes thinking!). perooo sabi nga ni Socrates of Peaceful Warrior: “you have to get out of your mind before you can come to your senses.”

    WAHAHAHA. ang guloooo. feeling or thinking.. mas maganda siguro OR na lang. hehehe. or balance lang. di puro emosyon.. di puro logic. kaya may gabi at araw. okay. im not making any sense anymore.

    have a nice day PM!:)

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