The Way To A Man’s Heart…

God knows I cannot cook to save my life.

Everyone who knows me is aware that all I can cook are instant noodles and maybe boil water. Maybe that is why when I posted on Facebook that I was cooking, I got quick responses:

Kuya Nomz: SANA MASARAP YAN! [How I wish that would taste good (if it would have a taste at all)]

Adrian: Parang di ko mapicture to ah… [I can’t imagine.]

Kuya Nomz: ang mga [The] ingredients: dextrose, syringe, 250mg paracetamol, 500mg ascorbic acid, just add water, cook for 5 hours, let it simmer for 5mins, then feed to the earthworms. hahahaha!

Adrian: Hahaha!

Denoy: Wow penge hehe. [Let me have some.]

You know, after much thought… no Denoy, you do not really want to have some.

There is definitely no way I’d be the next iron chef.


26 thoughts on “The Way To A Man’s Heart…

  1. i only started cooking when i started living on my own. i still have a hard time but i print out recipes i like to try then experiment. sometimes they come out bad, but still – i enjoy cooking.

  2. Someone said, lahat ng bagay eh natutunan,well baka kelangan mo lang ng magaling na chef to teach u (ehem ehem!).

    Di mo naman kelangan makapagluto ng the best na ulam. Yung sakto lang sa lasa ng kakain ok na! Penge na lang pancit canton pag nagluto ka heheh! Favorite ko un eh! hhehehe!

    • ehem, ehem? haha oo ba, walang problema kung pancit canton lang din kayang-kaya ko yan, kung gusto mo iba-ibang brand pa!

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