Please Don’t Call Me… Ever

Two of my friends work at a call center and when we saw each other after a long time the other night, these were their stories:

Caller Number 1

Call Center Agent: Sir, is it okay if I place you on hold? If I place you on hold you will hear… nothing. You will hear nothing sir, is that okay?

Caller: Uh… Yes?

Caller Number 2

Telemarketer: So you see Ma’am, this cell phone is really great!

Caller: [suddenly goes into a fit of questions]

Telemarketer: Wait. Wait. Please. Stop. The Enemy is weak! Stop asking so many questions. [Mahina ang kalaban, translated literally]

Suddenly SMS sounded so good.


26 thoughts on “Please Don’t Call Me… Ever

  1. how about this, a story that my wife told me when she was working at a sales and service call center for a local bank here many years go.

    A retired septuagenaran woman was taking a stab at online banking was having problems getting to the bank’s website. After a few minutes of troubleshooting with her PC browser, the call center associate told her – ” maybe you should close Windows and open it again”. She came back and said ” OK, done. I opened them and there’s more light getting into the room now ” :mrgreen:

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