Vagina Repair: Accepted Here

Colporrhaphy /col·por·rha·phy/ (kol-por´ah-fe)

1. Suture of the vagina.
2. The operation of denuding and suturing the vaginal wall to narrow the vagina.

A day in the life of an OR Nurse:

OR Nurse: Gaano ho ba kasikip yung gusto niyo? [How much closed do you want it to be?]

Surgeon: Gusto nyo ho ba yung pang 12 years old? [Do you want it like that of a 12 year old?]

Patient: Eh yung isang finger lang ho ang kasya sana. [I want only one finger to fit on it.]

The patient who will undergo colporraphy is a 32 year old female.

And no, I am so not adding any comments of my own on this one.

24 thoughts on “Vagina Repair: Accepted Here

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  2. I know what it’s like to witness such procedure. lol It’s funny how one doctor stated one time that the patient’s husband will be happy with it. Then, another doctor seemed like she just wanted to zip the whole thing so she can’t make another baby. I remember well that the patient already had 9 children and still refused to have a ligation. She should have at least thought that these kids are not gonna stay young forever and that she would have to think about their future. Yes, frustrating. Nice post! 🙂

  3. Sorry to leave this information on such a different topic like this. I’m really just stopping by to tell you Poetic License will be posted tomorrow with your poem in it.

    I decided to also post one big post on January 3rd with the past 4 months of Poetic License. I hope you stop by to see that! Thanks again for letting me feature your poetry.

  4. 12 YEARS OLD!!!??? Sana kamo pinaayus na rin nya yung hymen nya. LOL. Yung kakilala natin, im not gonna mention her name, her lola had a vaginal repair years back, and also botox injection.

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