Somebody Hand Me A Charger

My sister was asking permission from Mother Goose to allow her to stay for three days in another province for a professional training and seminar. She said she will be living in a rented apartment with three of her college friends.

Mother Goose asked her if these three college friends have a good head on their shoulders, worried that all they might be doing together was go out and have fun and goof around, but my sister told Mother Goose that these three are probably the most boring people in the world… if only I was not alive.

And that was all she needed to say to get what she wanted.


16 thoughts on “Somebody Hand Me A Charger

  1. LOL, your sister is the best convince-r! Haha! Wait, You really do think of yourself a boring? Because, I do not think that is the case. You do entertain us with your posts.

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