I Like You

This is really funny because I have been meaning to do this theme for a post and when I headed over to denoy’s, this was the exact same thing that he has on. Anyway, on with the show:

1. I like cats. (Even if you scratch the shroud of Turin if you just purr and make the googly eyes you get away with it.)

2. I do not like vegetables.

3. I like working from home! πŸ™‚

4. I do not like office politics.

5. I like Phineas and Ferb and the Adam’s Family.

6. I do not like soap operas. (I’d rather eat soap.)

7. I like wits and nuts. (Your All I Want For Christmas loot bag was the best!)

8. I do not like poor web connection.

9. I like meat!

10. I do not like hot days.

11. I like marshmallows, yogurt, and Hershey’s nuggets.

12. I do not like Hershey’s kisses! (Terrible migraine with just one piece!)

13. I like blogging.

14. I do not like writer’s block. (Spare me Lord.)

15. I like you.

37 thoughts on “I Like You

  1. I like to pass my NMAT. that i would surely like. hahahahahaha @.@ but i think i need a miracle. i felt like my brain shrunk the size of a peanut when i was already answering the physics and chemistry part!

  2. Hi PM! This is interesting! Hehe! I think I lost your email, but I already sent my gift to my partner like yesterday, hope it reaches her on time.

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