Double Tumbling Shot, Zip Lines, And The Possibility Of Dying Young


Firsts are always cool because of their… firstness.

So to open the year right, apart from doing a dozen cart wheels, I also managed to cross a zipline that was maybe seven or eight stories high – I can’t remember, I was preoccupied both with joy and mortal terror… okay, mostly mortal terror, but it was the coolest thing I’ve ever done since… birth.

Second time the cat appears on this litter box πŸ™‚

Told you I was not kidding about this year.Β It’s about time to not be… lame.

Now if only I can manage to continue my daredevil feats all year round without bruising my whiskers!

But I’m only getting started.


Also, I’d like to add in here my entry to jeanny’s blog give-away.

Q: What will you most remember about 2010 and what do you wish to accomplish this 2011?

A: 2010 was an amalgam of extreme experiences for me but the most striking was the part where I finally realized my childhood dream of being a writer. How many people can say that they are 100% passionate about their jobs right? The transition was not at all pretty and required a lot of strength in mind, spirit, and gut, but it was worth it – totally worth it.

What I want to accomplish in 2011 is exactly what this post is about: a lot of adventures, travels… basically just to suck the marrow out of life. The thing is, nothing can stop me this year. We’ve all got to live life right, after all, no one got out of it alive.

So… I need to win the planner to chronicle all these things lined up for me [insert killer wide-eyed cute cat look].

Good luck then.

22 thoughts on “Double Tumbling Shot, Zip Lines, And The Possibility Of Dying Young

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  2. wow hehehe. i remember, i heard sa SNN that Bianca does cart wheel or tumbling when she goes to different places instead of doing jumpshot πŸ™‚

    ingit ako. how i wish i can also do that eheheh.

    Happy New Year PM πŸ™‚

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  4. .. i cannot do tumblings, nor cartwheels but i think it’s a common thing for you! hehe. goodluck on whatever ‘cat-like feats’ you have for 2011, pm!

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