The Girl Who Stole Forever And Fed It To A Chicken

I saw an interesting status update on Facebook yesterday. It said that if something is not eternal, then forget about it. I practically laughed out loud upon seeing it because of the sheer, I don’t know, oddness of it.

Of course eternity is something, but then who can argue about the brilliance of fireworks? Or the depth of “the-one-who-got-away”? Isn’t it in a split second when you realize that you are in love, and isn’t it in split seconds where you decide?

I was wondering if the person who wrote that status ever saw a Nat Geo documentary titled “Forever Yours” because really, it is always “Seconds From Disaster.”

I am not saying there is no value in forever. But the point is, more often, it is always that split second that makes the difference.Β ItΒ does not take forever and it isΒ not forever. It is in those seemingly ordinary seconds in between. Always.

After all, often you say eternal when someone dies, don’t you?


30 thoughts on “The Girl Who Stole Forever And Fed It To A Chicken

  1. so based on her argument, we should also forget about family, friends, and loved ones….for they aren’t eternal either! haaaay…i wouldn’t dare.

    sya na lang siguro gumawa nun. ayoko ata.

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