10 Things I Have Not Done Before

It is funny how things tend to be easier once we have already done it, which makes me think that difficult things are not really difficult because they are, it is our anxiety and cowardice that makes them so. I realized this when I jumped on that zip line that I was sure would kill me but failed to do so.

This post I am doing in unison with the man from sensory replays, in hopes that by the end of the year, we have ticked off this list successfully and on to a new one.

Yeah, right, no pressure.

10 Ridiculous Things I Have Not Done Before because I’m scared, lazy, or broke:

1. Finish a meal of veggies.

2. Lone backpacking or one with friends only.

3. Ride a rollercoaster.

4. Bake.

5. Be published on the dailies.

6. Meet blog friends.

7. Go out of the country.

8. Watch a play.

9. Spend my birthday on a charity.

10. Buy a cow.


And also, I want to add this post as an entry to Kayni’s birthday contest! Not just her but her blog too, ain’t that great! Happy birthday Kayni!

My birthday is far off, but all I am wishing for my birthday is for me to be all that I can be so I can continue to give my best self to the world. To tick out all of these 10 things above would be very great too!

As for my birthday wish for Kayni, I know life will throw you a lot of things, both good and bad, and I just hope you will continue to be strong and best of all, continue to enjoy the more important things in life. Stay happy!

51 thoughts on “10 Things I Have Not Done Before

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  5. Traveling to California for an espresso and a beignet may be cost prohibitive, but would truly be inspired and spontaneous! I still have not yet bought a cow. PM, thank you for visiting my blog.

      • I never asked what your name “musang” means until today. I looked for your profile (like in blogger) and finally saw the reference to “musang.” whether you speak of the Paradoxurus hermaphroditus or the Paradoxurus fasciatus (also called the luwak, or palm civet), you are speaking of the animal known in Indonesia and Philippines for its nocturnal consumption of coffee beans. How remarkable that you should have such a lineage… How thrilling it is for me that you should share this.

        • musang is a wild cat. i think it is lynx in english. i think, i’m not sure. lol. but it is a cat definitely. i googled it and it is the Paradoxirus fasciatus. to me i just take it as a wild cat. i did not give the name to myself, my friends did, likening me to it!

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  7. I can help you with #6 … you can always meet me ! 🙂
    #9… I can bring you to Ulingan… the kids would love to celebrate your birthday with you ! 🙂

  8. oh my PM, i’ve done everything on your list save for no. 10! he he!

    i’ll make mine and see if you’ve done everything also! he he!

  9. i got whiplash pain in the neck for 3 days after riding the batman rollercoaster ride at sixflags great adventure theme park here in NJ many years ago, but that didn’t stop me from conquering far scarier rollercoasters in williamsburg, virginia and disney world/universal studios in orlando! it’s cathartic!

    meeting blog friends is fun, too! i had the pleasure of doing just that with some of my miss igorota co-bloggers (http://missigorota.blogspot.com).

    all you need are eggs, oil, and simple instructions on a box of cake mix and a good oven and you’ll find out baking isn’t that hard!

    goodluck with your list!

    • oh thank you fortuitous faery. i am scared to death to try a rollercoaster, lol but maybe it will come this year, hopefully it will be not as horrific as what i have in my mind! i have always wanted to bake but idk, i’m scared again, lol!

  10. fun meme! I will snag this, sis =)

    Good luck on your entry for Kayni’s birthday giveaway…

    Btw, I read your comment on her post and like Kayni, i have not received anything yet from my partner for the Bloggers’ Kris Kringle. My partner said that she enjoyed and liked my gifts to her though…..but she never said about sending me anything back lol!

  11. hello PM!!! Salamat sa pagdalaw sa basket of dreams ko ah… may tagalog din ako.. dun ako mostly nakakakilala ng mga pinoy.. weeehh.. goodluck sa 10 goals mo ngayong taon…cross-fingers…sana magawa mo lahat!!

    at nakaka intrigue naman ang cow

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