Think I Need A Band-Aid

When I was in college, I wrote a short story titled 60 ugtts/min that was published in our uni’s official literary folio. I was tutoring a Korean exchange student then and when I showed it to him, he asked me, “Is this in English? How come I cannot understand this?”

Erm… yes, apparently it is in English. But I think he found it hard to understand, not because he was Korean, but because the language was leaning a bit on the nurse’s jargon.

Since favoring Google Chrome, I have experienced the agony of getting duck poop on my head when sometimes I read blogs but end up not understanding anything.

Oh right. The all-knowing and almighty Google Chrome translated the page from Tagalog to English, that is why. Seriously.

Since I have 2 days off (Diva Nago-off even if employed) e nautusana my mother to accompany him to the marketplace. I just remembered I was still a child, before we go to market we are told by e mamma “REFRAIN FROM YOU instructor, Dun leave you” at the wide-eyed. Hahaha Of course I also e distraught, not allowed to teach. Have time to think I taught and sang Mast katutak I got my mother as early. Hehe

I do not really know who the real idiot? She sure because someone nagpapakalasing worthless? Those hooker since she left?

But I do pretty well configured than nothing. Sadly, the news immediately meet me at the office entrance. Two of my friends actually nagresign. One was to last for bwan ‘to and other to the next bwan departure. Andami world really surprises us. Especially the continuous tense desire I also leave my employer company.

Okay, fine.

Anyhow, feel free to guess whose blogs are these. LOL.

20 thoughts on “Think I Need A Band-Aid

  1. Hi, Princess, Happy New Year!

    I rely on Google translate a little too much. It’s probably why I have communication problems with some of my foreign friends. LOL

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