May I Take Your Order Ma’am?

Ikuha mo ko tinapay o pandesal diyan, palamanan mo ng ham 3 pieces, thanks [Get me some bread, and put 3 pieces of ham, thanks].

There is really nothing special, or interesting, in this request.

Well, except that this was made by Mother Goose, one late evening, from her room, to me and my sisters downstairs… via SMS.


38 thoughts on “May I Take Your Order Ma’am?

  1. hahaha.. this reminds me of a show i saw about one of the richest girls in london who sends her butler an sms if she wants something done – like a peanut butter sandwich, in your mom’s case a ham sandwich 😉

  2. I know this is off topic but I’ve deleted your last email. Yes, I’ve sent the gift. I’ve sent you an email about it remember? But if she still don’t get it let me know. Or better yet, just give me her address again and I’ll send her another gift. I’ll wait for your email. Thanks! 🙂

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