What Is Tikoy In English? A Happy Tikoy-Tikoy Story

My wonderful boss is Chinese so today he is celebrating the Chinese New Year. He met the whole team this morning and this is how it went:

Wonderful Boss: Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Best Site Designer: Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

WB: I like that. Even Cantonese you know, good, good. In the Philippines do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

PM: Yes. We eat your rice cake. What do you call that rice cake?

SEO Writer: Tikoy.

PM: What is tikoy in English?


Maybe we can google translate it.

PM: Nian gao is that it?

WB: Yes, we do eat nian gao.

PM: How do you celebrate your new year? Did you stay up till midnight?

WB: I stayed up.

BSD: Do you put a lot of coins in your pocket and jump?

WB: I did not put a lot of coins, it’s too heavy.

BSD: And eat 12 kinds of fruits?

WB: 12 kinds of fruit? What is that?

PM: BSD, did you date a Chinese girl before? You know too much of this stuff.

WB: Date a Chinese girl on Chinese New Year??? That’s weird.

And yes, we do babble continuously in English.


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