Greetings From The Cordilleras

Days after the Chinese New Year, I am proud to announce that I have ticked one off my 10 Things I Have Not Done Before list.

But no, I still have yet to buy a cow.

It is number 2! Last weekend I went to The Cordilleras with one of my best friends for my first ever grown up trip.

Sure, The Cordilleras is not as exciting as a trip to Bohol, or to hell, but still, a trip is a trip and there are 9 things left to scratch off my list (rob, your idea was brilliant)!

It felt really good to be a traveler with my huge backpack behind me, the backpack most likely weighing more than me, but it was fun. It felt great to walk around and ask the locals for directions, take public transport and simply enjoy the sight, sounds, and cuisines of a far away place.

I surely felt like an explorer… Dora, the Explorer.

30 thoughts on “Greetings From The Cordilleras

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    • masaya nga. baguio and benguet. nung bata pa ko nagpunta na ko pero bumalik ako ngayon, narealize ko pag mag isa mo na pala parang bago ulit na experience!

  5. maybe not as interesting to some, pero after my visit to cordillera, i appreciate that Pinas doesnt only offer good beach. meron ding rice terraces na made of rock na walang semento! ^_^

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