Love, Sex, And Magic

Last week was Valentine’s day WB called me to discuss some stuff for work. In the middle of the conversation, our cats decided to propagate the species.

You know how cats are…

But I did not do anything about it and just continued with the conversation.

And the cats still continued to propagate the species.

Maybe WB could not take the noise any longer so he asked in the middle of talking about domains and Paypal accounts, “What happened to your cat?”

Erm, I did not know how to answer that.

Of course, I cannot tell him that my cats were having sex in the heat of the day. That is slander. That is animal pornography. What kind of owner would I be if I said that?

28 thoughts on “Love, Sex, And Magic

  1. alam mo PM , i’ve never seen a cat “do it”. hehe! although i know i’d rather not see!

    sana sinabi mo na lang na “nagwrewrestling” yung mga ousa! he he!

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